(The following is adapted from  Wendy Strgar, President, Good Clean Love)

Does sex ever begin for you with a mind filled with thought? “I have to do the laundry, sign Julia’s permission slip, make sandwiches for the kids’ lunchbox….”.

Sound familiar?

Maybe your thoughts are based in to to-do lists, as in the example above. Or insecurity oriented, like “Do I look fat? Does he think I gained weight?” Sometimes  thoughts are in the form of anticipation, as in “How long will this take? Should  I fake a orgasm to get it over with? I need this to be over so I can get to sleep!” Anticipation thoughts are future oriented. Thoughts based in the past can also be disruptive. “Last time we had sex I farted.” (Surprised by the example?!)

Any and all of these types of thoughts are what I call ‘trespassers’. The list is not exhaustive, by the way.  These are actual examples though from my office.

Back to trespassing…

Any trespasser will prevent the experience of embodied, delicious sex.

Mind-blowing sex demands your full presence. 100%.

It is impossible to really savor sex  when your brain is busy with its rolodex of thought.

Orgasm is out of the question when the mind is preoccupied with  anxiety or distractions du jour.

How do you quiet your mind?  How do you manage trespassers?

Tomorrow’s blog will offer some ideas. In the meantime, please share your methods!


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