In the late 1970s, a scientist visited my fourth grade classroom. He asked us to guess the most amazing machine that has ever been invented.  Guesses included a nuclear reactor, computers (which took up entire rooms back then!), and medical devices. No one guessed the correct answer.

The correct answer is our own body.

How does the most amazing machine operate? I wanted to learn more.

So began my fascination with the mind.

One of my favorite activities even as a kid was to people watch.   I was especially curious about the relationship people of all ages, shapes, and sizes have with their body.

One definition of body image is ‘the relationship a person has with his/her body”.

Little did I know back then that it was the start of a lifelong passion to help people improve their body image.

In college I more formally pursued body image research and treatment protocols and have been ever since!

Since the 1990s, I have been a private practice psychologist. I meet with men and women.  People I meet with may ‘hate’ their body, feel disconnected to ‘it’, and/or have never thought of the body as a source of joy or pleasure.  Many of the people I meet with don’t have trauma but feel badly about their body. Body shame and loathing are very common in our culture.

There are lots of repeated themes I have noticed about body image and sexuality.

This blog is about those themes.

Oh, and by the way, I am also the mom of teenagers and a Maltese, practice yoga daily, and know that my mind and body need to be near  the ocean as often as possible, especially during the non-summer months.