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“Simply tell a story,” she said.

Another advised, “Find something interesting and just write about it.”

A third person suggested to “just start. Build it and they will CUM. Hahaha. Get it?”

I have gotten a lot of different advice for how to start this blog. And lots of snickers, puns, and innuendo.

Telling a story sounds simple enough.

Finding something interesting and ‘just writing’ sounds do-able.

The advice to “start”. Ahhh. Not so simple.

It is so much easier to just keep it all in my head. Not to actually start, but to think about starting.

If I start, that means I am taking a risk. What will people think? What if they don’t like me or what I have to say?

A consultant told me to ‘be transparent’. Easy for her to say. She blogs about baking. Does the same advice apply to a blog about body image and sex?

So I smile at myself, with compassion and kindness. Get over yourself, Elayne.

Some people wont like you or what you have to say.

Just dive right in. (I have never been a  just jump in the water kind of gal. I like to go in slowly and mindfully.)

Ok, enough stalling. Time for the blog!

Drum roll please……

My blog is about the body, and how to improve your relationship with your body.  If you have a body, then you have a relationship with your body. Since you and your body are in it for the long haul, you may as well learn to get along, preferably blissfully.

My blog is also about sex.

My blog is about yoga.

This blog will talk about all three (body image, sex, yoga), sometimes one at a time, and sometimes two at a time, and sometimes three at a time.

The purpose is to learn how to feel the zest and  peace of body satisfaction. For some, the goal may be body neutrality. The bar I have set for you though is higher. The bar is for body delight.

Sex conjures up all sorts of images, reactions, and ideas. We will talk about how sex can be a way to experience the body as an instrument, rather than as an ornament. To experience the body from the inside out. Delicious! This is possible even for people who have had sexual trauma.

Yoga is another term that elicits lots of different ideas. I am talking about yoga in the traditional sense, not the gym style of yoga. In the yoga I am talking about, there is a philosophy called “The Eight Limbs”.  In fact, I was originally going to call this blog “Eight Limb Sex”, until my fiancé asked if the eight limbs belonged to the two people involved in the sex act. I realized that the reference to the ancient philosophical basis of yoga, as clever as I smugly thought it was, wasn’t going to work.

So, in the spirit of diving right in…..

VAGINA:  When was the last time you said it? It doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Say the word ‘vagina’.

Vagina, vagina, vagina.

The vagina is a glorious creation, worthy of daily celebration.

How well do you know your vagina (ladies) or your partner’s vagina?

What makes it wet? Happy? Aroused? Engorged?

The vagina is a gift. The part of the vagina with the feel good button on it is the clitoris. It is an especially intense potential source of pleasure. Anything with 8,000 nerve endings is amazing. (The tip of the penis is said to have about 4,000 endings. Just saying).

Spend some time connecting to yourself via your vagina.

The vagina, synched with the mindbody,  provides unlimited pleasure. What this means will become more clear a few blogs from now.

Yogic philosophy can help you access unlimited sexual and sensual pleasure.

Connecting with your vagina can spread delight throughout your entire body.

Goodbye body image blues! Hello awesome sex and body bliss.

I wanted to launch this blog on Valentines Day, and mission accomplished.

Stay tuned for more details on how to tap your sexuality to improve your relationship with your body, and how yogic principles can facilitate this birthright.

We are going to take this slow, savoring the foreplay.


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